Outdoor Amphitheater Pavilion c. 2011

This framework serves as an outdoor educational pavilion on the grounds of Lake Metroparks’ Penitentiary Glen, located in Lake County, Ohio.

The original design for this pavilion was done by TDA Architecture of Willoughby, Ohio for Lake Metroparks. We were graciously invited by the architect to propose minor changes to the original design in order to integrate more traditional methods and patterns of historical heavy timber carpentry. We obliged, and the result is a collaboration of the architects intended vision and our ties to historical timberwork detailing and joinery. The frame was raised in a single day in October, 2011.

The framework is joined entirely in Western Red Cedar and will remain fully exposed without the enclosure of roof or walls. The joinery has been slightly modified to fascilitate the drainage of water.

Normally, we don’t extensively test-assemble frames in the shop. But, with this frame, we assembled portions in order to photo-document our project progress.