Timber-Frame Restoration, Consultation, & Inspection



Timber-frame restoration and on-site consultations & inspections comprise a small portion of my offerings.  I prefer to limit these services to an approximate 30 mile radius of my business location. 

Restoration is focused primarily on the actual structural timber-framework.  Roof, foundation, siding, etc is generally outside the scope of my interests and expertise.  I prefer to limit restoration work to “historically accurate” type repairs utilizing traditional methods and materials.  Because I work alone, each potential project is carefully evaluated in terms of my ability to carry out the necessary work in an effective and timely manner before any commitments are made.  Additionally, restoration work is considered secondarily to new frame construction, accommodated as my schedule allows, and is only offered on a time and material basis.

I also offer limited consultation & inspection services.  I receive requests for consultation and inspection of  timber-framed barns, houses , and even churches.  I assess the framework in terms of current structural conditions and make recommendations on repair priorities, methods, materials, etc. I offer a written report with reference photos and scaled drawings if requested.  I have done consulting work for private residences, architects, realtors, and governmental entities in the past.   These services, like restoration work, are only offered on a time & material basis.