Top of the Meadow Cottage

This seasonal residence is located at the top of a meadow in the Little Miami River Valley, just north of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Framed entirely in Eastern white pine, with the exception of two naturally curved book-matched braces in black cherry, it features a crown post & purlin roof system.  A sleeping loft is located in one end of the cottage that creates heavy timbered ceilings for a small kitchen, master bedroom, and washroom below.  Opposite the loft, the great room opens upward to the peak of the rafters and  includes a Rumford fireplace in stone and lots of windows that will offer plentiful views of the river valley corridor to the west.  The frame was raised in a single day entirely by hand with the help of the client’s family and friends, some coming from as far away as Wisconsin.  A small gabled entry porch framed in white oak will be added to the south eave wall over the main door.