Chairmaker’s House Addition c.2016

This new framework serves as an addition to an historical house built c.1839 by Ralza Spencer, a chairmaker.   The new frame integrates pattern details from the timber-framed barn we built for this family in 2009 as well as the original timber-framed roof trusses of the main brick house. The new framing pattern and joinery details are distinctively English in origin- a homage of sorts to the Spencer Family who settled in Geauga County, Ohio in the early 19th century from Connecticut.  We designed  the framework in collaboration with Linek Studio of nearby Newbury, Ohio.  The frame includes naturally curved cherry cruck blades and naturally curved cherry braces harvested from the farm’s woodlot.  We also integrated a piece of dogwood into the mudroom entry frame.  In order to make way for the new addition, a dogwood tree in the adjoining garden had to be cut.  The tree was a long-ago gift from the client’s son to her on a mother’s day many years past.