Lonnsocker Timmerhus c.2010

This is our fourth sugarhouse, and our smallest to date at 12′ x 12′. The timber framework is joined in a mixture of both hardwood and softwood. Black cherry, white ash, yellow-poplar, eastern hemlock, eastern white pine, and Norway spruce all combine to give this little framework a real “homespun” look. At 144 square feet, the sugarhouse can easily accommodate a 2′ x 4′ evaporator and still have room to move about, stoke the fire, and visit with family and friends.

The framework was raised on a bright sunny winter’s afternoon in late January. Two sisters, ages 11 and 13, did most of the raising and pegging of this framework. The sugarhouse was up and running by mid February, just in time for the first run of sap.