Rosebud House


This 22′-0 x 37′-0 two-storey framework was a cooperative effort with Hicks Woodworking/Bristlecone Construction of Bozeman, Montana. In early 2022, my good friend Joshua Hicks invited me to help with the design of this Japanese influenced framework. Eventually, I traveled west for the summer to assist with the layout and joinery at his family farm and woodworking shop near Bozeman, Montana. Additionally, I had the good fortune of also helping with the raising of this framework on-site at the northern edge of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in Southcentral Montana, north of Yellowstone National Park.

The framework is almost entirely Montana-grown Douglas-fir, just a few pieces of white oak, all held together with hand-riven red oak pegs from Ohio. All of the surfaces visible to the interior were charred and brushed in the tradition of Japanese yakisugi/shou sugi ban. The framework was raised in two phases, about a month apart. The home is located on East Rosebud Creek near Roscoe, Montana.

Joshua’s fine woodworking as well as his contact information can be viewed here: