Stony Hill Sugarhouse c.2013

Our sixth sugarhouse project, this frame is a mixture of both hardwood and softwood timber: white ash, black cherry, black walnut, and eastern hemlock. We incorporated the use of live-edged, naturally curved & bookmatched braces and struts, as well as a flitch-sawn central tie-beam in black cherry. Some of the timber was selected and harvested from the client’s land, with the balance purchased from three local mills. All of the exposed timber surfaces are hand-planed and oiled.

The main 14′ x 18′ framework will house a 2′ x 6′ Leader Evaporator, complimented by a full masonry fireplace at the opposite gable end.

The frame was raised by hand with the help of friends and family on the last day of August. We had a wonderful homemade brunch and were done by 2pm – just in time for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for the client’s parents.