Cooperative Projects

On several occasions, I have been approached by folks who have wanted to have a more active role in the crafting of their project building.  These projects are carried out at the building site with the majority of the labor provided by the client themselves. I basically function as a teacher and consultant on an “as needed” basis.  Additionally, the client is responsible for securing the necessary materials per specifications and providing their own tools and equipment.  I do not loan or rent tools.

I provide the following services for cooperative projects, tailoring each to the specific needs of the client:

•     work in cooperation with a registered structural engineer and/or licensed architect to design the framework and provide detailed shop drawings

•     provide the necessary timber material lists for on-site milling or ordering from a mill

•     provide all the critical layout for the framework joinery

•     demonstrate the cutting procedures necessary to cut the framework joinery

•     assist with the framework raising preparations and the actual erection of the framework

All of these services are only offered on an hourly basis.   I make myself available as I have time and my regular project schedule allows, so delays in work flow should be expected from time to time.   

I have had four cooperative projects to date and all were outbuildings; barns, a sugarhouse, and a small cabin. All of the clients have had basic woodworking & carpentry skills.