Prästs Hus


This project was an unexpected bonus while in Montana during the summer of 2022. After completing the timberwork for the Rosebud House, I was invited to assist with a bit of design tweaking, layout, and joinery for this hybrid framework of both milled and round timbers. By the time I became involved, the majority of the frame design had been finalized and the timber was on-order from the mill in northwestern Montana. Inspiration drew heavily from the Norse traditions and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Beorn’s Hall. .

Integrating dimensional timber with round timber is both challenging and hugely rewarding (when it fits). A lot of details were worked out on-the-fly as we made our way upward and through the joining of one piece to another. A combination of mathematical layout and scribe layout were used, and with great results. This framework is part of a larger, conventional build. So, a hybrid in the fact that it combined both dimensional and round timber, and also a hybrid in the fact it stands as the primary structural component within a more conventionally framed structure.

Again, much like the Rosebud House, this was a cooperative effort with Hicks Woodworking/Bristlecone Construction of Bozeman, Montana. Joshua’s fine woodworking and contact information can be viewed here: