T R A D I T I O N A L     T I M B E R – F R A M E S

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  &   a l l    o t h e r    m a n n e r    o f    s h e l t e r    f i t   f o r   m a n ,    b e a s t ,   a n d   c r o p



The Sweetgrass Joinery Company Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Geauga County, Ohio.  What began as a small-scale cottage industry on our family farm, remains intentionally so to this day.  Nineteen years and counting, I still design and craft traditional “bench made” timber frames one at a time in my small shop at the corner of a hay field, near the edge of a woods.

Traditionally-based heavy timber carpentry is truly a handicraft, deeply rooted in the past, yet remains relevant and uniquely adaptable to a modern functionalism and aesthetic.  It is timeless.  This simple premise guides my hands and heart through each project, be it large or small, fancy or plain.

My patterns of design, methods of work, and choice of materials arise from and are heavily influenced by the forest cultures of both northern Europe and colonial North America.  I prefer and encourage the use of locally grown and harvested sources of wood and often integrate trees harvested from the building site. 

I make a concerted effort to practice a way of design & building that is balanced, principled, and faithful to the craft.

My timber-work is fully structural and differs little from the vernacular timber carpentry of 200 years ago. I use traditional mortise & tenon joinery secured with riven wooden pegs and wedges. Sometimes, the old ways simply remain the best ways.

I work alone, taking only one job at a time.  My pace is slow, methodical, and unabashedly pre-industrial.  This allows me the opportunity to offer you a consistently high level of craftsmanship and creativity infused with a focus on detail from start to finish.  Hopefully, you’ll find my work worthy of the wait and the investment.  

Please look over this sampling of my labor – the work of my hands.  I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to design and craft such a wide array of timber-frames over the past years. Perhaps you will consider me when the time comes.  I look forward to meeting you and working with you.


With Gratitude,